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  • Sjoerd van der Steen
    6 maanden geleden

    Ik ben net terug van mijn 4e en laatste sessie voor een borst piece door Chris. Het resultaat is geweldig, vanaf de eerste minuut dat ik Chris ontmoette voelde ik me op mijn gemak.

    Ik heb me het hele proces welkom en gehoord gevoeld.
    De sfeer die in de shop hangt en die Chris en Valentina uitstralen is gewoon echt heel fijn, die heb ik nog niet eerder meegemaakt in een tattooshop.
    Geen haantjesgedrag in de shop, geen grootspraak, er is voor iedereen tijd, het is gezellig en ziet er ook nog een mooi uit. Gewoon een hele fijne omgeving.

    Mijn traditionele tattoo is echt heel mooi geworden Ik kwam met mijn eigen ideeën binnen en Chris is daarmee aan het werk gegaan en heeft er echt een eigen werk van gemaakt! Geef Chris de vrijheid dan krijg je echt een mooi stuk! Hij weet wat hij doet en hij heeft de ervaring en kennis om er het allerbeste uit te halen.

    Echt de allerbeste studio waar ik ooit ben geweest!
    Valentina & Chris heel erg bedankt en tot snel.


  • Ece Gebitekin
    4 maanden geleden

    I recently had the pleasure of getting a tattoo at Padma Tattoo Shop in Utrecht, and I can confidently say it was an exceptional experience from start to finish.

    The first thing that struck me upon entering the shop was its clean and welcoming atmosphere. The décor exuded a mix of artistic vibes and professionalism, setting the perfect tone for a memorable tattooing experience. The staff at Padma were not only skilled artists but also friendly and attentive, making me feel comfortable and at ease throughout the entire process.

    The artists at Padma are true masters of their craft. I was impressed not only by their technical skill but also by their ability to translate my ideas into a stunning piece of art. They took the time to listen to my vision, offering valuable insights and suggestions to enhance the design. The attention to detail and commitment to delivering a tattoo that exceeded my expectations was evident in every stroke.

    Hygiene is a top priority at Padma Tattoo Shop, and it’s something I truly appreciated. The studio maintains impeccable cleanliness standards, and the artists follow rigorous hygiene protocols, ensuring a safe and sterile environment. This commitment to cleanliness and professionalism further enhanced my confidence in the studio.

    The range of artistic styles represented by the talented team at Padma is impressive. Whether you’re into traditional, contemporary, or custom designs, the artists at Padma have the expertise to bring your vision to life. The studio also boasts a portfolio of diverse and stunning work, showcasing the versatility and skill of the artists.

    The process itself was surprisingly comfortable. The artist took the time to explain each step, making sure I was informed and comfortable throughout. The use of high-quality inks and equipment added to the overall sense of professionalism.

    In the end, the finished tattoo exceeded my expectations. The colors were vibrant, the lines were precise, and the overall composition was a true work of art. I left Padma Tattoo Shop not only with a beautiful tattoo but also with a sense of satisfaction knowing I had chosen a studio that values both its craft and its clients.

    If you’re in Utrecht and in search of a tattoo studio that combines skill, creativity, and professionalism, look no further than Padma Tattoo. I highly recommend this studio to anyone looking to transform their ideas into a stunning, lifelong piece of art.

  • Hans
    11 maanden geleden

    I got a hand poked tattoo on my calf by Valentina. First I went by in the very beautiful shop to talk about hand poked tattoos. This would be my first one. The atmosphere is open and very friendly. Chris and Valentina are very nice, honest and really take time to talk about the process, design and do not put any pressure on you to go a certain direction, or pressure you into an appointment. The feeling was good and I booked an appointment straight away. The day of the tattoo was also a great experience. Valentina had a couple of ideas, because I had a vague idea what I wanted and we talked about it, how it will look, how it will flow with the body etc and settled on the design. After Valentina and Chris were completely happy about the stencil placement we started and 5/6 hours later I’m so happy with the result and new experience. I recommend this place to all I know looking for a tattoo in the styles of Valentina and Chris. Definitely a gem in Utrecht.

  • R.L.Fabrizi
    9 maanden geleden

    Chris en Valentina run a charming and professional shop. They both really look at the person standing in front of them, engaging and vying to create a proper connection in order to offer honest, realistic advice and the best service. The quality of their pieces (wether within their range of speciality or outside of it) is very high and their prices are moderate.

    On top of that all of their visiting artists tend to add an extra charm to the whole experience as well as introduce (repeating) customers to a variety of tattooing styles and fun, knowledgeable characters from the tattooing community from all around the world.

    Highly recommendable!

  • Mr Tookles
    11 maanden geleden

    Dont have words for how much this place means to me. ❤️❤️❤️ It’s literally a safe haven in Utrecht to me. Valentina and Chris are amazing souls and it’s so much more than just getting a tattoo when you go to them. The knowledge, expertise, respect and the love that padma tattoo harbours is one you shouldn’t miss out on.

  • Fairuz Elsobki
    een jaar geleden

    In 1 woord KUNST! Inmiddels 3 tattoos verder bij Padma Tattoo en ik ga nooit meer bij een ander. Chris en Valentina hebben beide hun eigen stijl en beide zijn ze onwijs goed met strakke lijnen! Nu bezig met Valentina voor een sleeve met haar handpoke skills.. want.. het zijn skills!

    Als je een tattooeerder zoekt, voor een traditionele tattoo, die oprecht, eerlijk en meegaand is? Maar vooral ook met je meedenkt, geduld heeft en luistert.. dan zit je 100% goed bij Padma.

  • Clément Joslain
    4 jaar geleden

    In one word: Exceptional!
    From all the tattoo’s I own, this is probably the one I enjoyed the most thanks to Chris on his lovely tattoo shop in the centre of Utrecht.
    Chris has a great personality, truly passionate and really listen your ideas by making them real.
    He is also very professional providing good advices and makes you feel confident.
    Lastly, he’s very talented and provide high quality service.
    Many thanks again for your work, I fully enjoyed this experience and I am completely satisfied with my new tattoo.

  • Philipp Teichrib
    11 maanden geleden

    I get tattooed there regularly and it’s just the best shop around here. Chris and Valentina are amazing and will give you a warm welcome and the best treatment and tattoo you could wish for. Definitely recommend a visit

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