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  • Berna Hoebeek
    10 maanden geleden

    My tattoo is incredible and tattoer Alex and his wife Katy are super nice, very happy with the whole experience!

  • Draziuk
    4 jaar geleden

    Outstanding artist by big A! Alex is a virtuoso of the machine and know how to work on the human body. From the beginning to the end everything refined in the smallest detail, from booking the term to explaining how to care for a tattoo. I was introduced step by step into Tattoo World .Tattoo studio is very sterile with a great atmosphere, it just meets all conditions.I will definitely come back for another work from Alex’s hand.

  • Cyrus Vattes
    een jaar geleden

    Had a great experience with Vlad. Very professional, and I love the design he came up with when given a pretty vague concept. Good color work is excellent.

  • Ketesah Trudeau
    een jaar geleden

    Koro was amazing! A very talented artist, very professional. Made me feel at home. I feel like this tattoo has always been here! Love it. 💙

  • Dejan Zlendić
    3 jaar geleden

    What to say?! Just look that art!

    Tattoo master Alex and his wife are very friendly, nice people.
    Studio is very nice, clean and close to the city centar.
    Make an appointment and give freedom to artist for best results.

  • Tattoos Costi
    2 jaar geleden

    Nice shop, great artists! 👍

  • Sarah Clifton
    3 jaar geleden

    Really nice people, relaxed, professional. Studio is co-owned by Alex Pancho, a very talented artist, but the residents and guests are great as well.

  • Tom Wijsman
    11 maanden geleden

    Erg tevreden over mijn tatoeage netjes gezet door een echte artiest.

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Breedstraat 2, 3512 TW Utrecht, Nederland

  • Breedstraat 2, 3512 TW Utrecht, Nederland