The 10 best tattoo shops in Amsterdam


Amsterdam is packed with talented tattoo artists. Many Dutch tattoo artists go to Amsterdam to share their art with the rest of the world. Also, Amsterdam attracts lots of international tattoo talent. This makes Amsterdam the perfect place to get your new tattoo.

But what are the best tattoo shops in Amsterdam? And where do you find the best guest artists?

We made an overview for for you, so you can find the perfect shop for your next tattoo.

Black Rose Tattoo And Gallery

Wise Kid started this studio by himself, but he quickly gathered a team of talented tattoo artists. We are impressed by the artwork they produce.

Check out some of their work here!

Ink District Amsterdam

If you are looking for a tattoo shop that features some of the best international guest artists, then you have to go to Ink District Amsterdam. They are frequently visited by talented artists, so we’re sure there will be a guest artist for you too.

Here you can find some work of their guest and resident artists.

The Blue Blood Studios

The Blue Blood Studios is one of our favourite shops in Amsterdam. A very talented crew that masters many different tattoo styles. Besides that, they have international guest artists visiting them every week.

Therefore, this is a tattoo shop you must check out!

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Classic Ink & Mods

If you’re looking for a colour tattoo, Classic Ink & Mods is your place to go. Oh, and for the animal lovers: getting pierced or tattooed is totally vegan here!

Tattoo Hysteria Amsterdam

Tattoo Hysteria also has great connections with many talented guest artists. They have new guest artists every week, so make sure to keep a close eye on this shop! You don’t want to miss out…

Below you can see some work of the resident and guest artists.

Ink & Intuition

Are you looking for a Realistic tattoo or a Cartoon tattoo? Then you must visit Ink & Intuition. They have a large team with talented tattoo artist, so there’ll always be an artists that’s the perfect fit for your next tattoo.

View part of their portfolio here. is a collection of talented, international tattoo artists. Are you looking for a Dotwork or Blackwork tattoo? Then is your place to go. Bold lines, creative designs and a beautiful end result.

See for yourself.

Dagger Collective

These guys are masters at two styles: American Traditional and Blackwork. We’ve seen many tattoos in our lives, but we were still heavily impressed by these artists.

Don’t you agree?

Salon Serpent Amsterdam

Do you like Blackwork, Fine Line or just Colourful tattoos? Then Salon Serpent is your place to be. These artists have their own style and produces pieces of art time after time.

That’s it. Our favourite tattoo shops in Amsterdam.

Did we forget any tattoo shops? What did you think of our overview?

Let us know in the comments.

Take care of your new tattoo!

Do you want your tattoo to heal perfectly and look amazing for years to come? 

Then you must use a good Tattoo Aftercare. 

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